What happens when an order is placed?

  • The customer will get an order confirmation email from your stores ecommerce platform
  • The order is sent to the brand to fulfill

Who Ships my order?

  • Orders are shipped directly from the brand/distributor.

When will my order ship?

  • Orders processed by the brand are normally shipped with in 48 hours of order.
  • Brand control the shipping times. You can request shipping updates in the dashboard
  • Customers receive a shipping notification once the order is marked shipped by the brand

How much is shipping?

  • Shipping charges to the customer are based on your stores shipping policy.
  • Brands set a drop ship amount that is added to the items wholesale.

What if the customer wants to order 2 items from different brands?

  • The customer will get an order confirmation email
  • The order is sent to each brand to fulfill items
  • Items are shipped separately

Where can I find the order status?

What is the return policy?

  • Returns are the responsibility of the store.
  • Warranty items, Customer must contact brand for an RMA#

What if the there is a mistake with the customer’s order?

What if I the item is Out of Stock ?

  • You can refund the customer through your ecommerce platform just like any other order

When will I (the retailer/brand) get paid?

  • Payments are made directly to your bank account every week.
  • You are not invoiced for the orders…you just get paid.

Who is processing the customer’s card?

  • Your store processes the order just like any other order.
  • This is your stores order

Who is Exchange Collective?

  • We are people who feel that brick-and-mortar retailers need a tool to level the playing field to be able to compete with eCommerce and Big Box Retailers. We believe that local retailers are the backbone of our economy. They donate to local charities, they live in your communities, and they care about you.

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