Unlocking brands Direct-to-Consumer business

Say “Goodbye” to Amazon and connect to the marketplaces your brand deserves

Unlocking brands Direct-to-Consumer business

One connection for Brands

brands can instantly have their product listed and available to the end customer through all their trusted retailers instead of bloodsucking online marketplaces that could care less about your brands image.  

Control your product details accross multiple digital channels.

Expand digital pressence through authentic retailers who know your products.

Reach & ship to customers through your wholesale retailers’ web presences.

Simple, centralized accounting for every transaction with 1 pipeline.

A Positive Impact on Local Businesses

The original vision, “to give small-to-medium size, independent retail stores a solution for their customers to shop with them ,” still drives every effort at Exchange Collective.


EXC streams product & inventory data from our brands, to your website.

Offer your customers an “endless aisle” solution in-store, and on-line.

We route the order to the brand, and the brand ships to the customer.

Order progress, and tracking updates are emailed to the customer.

Sell more products online and in store – EXC brings click & order to your brick & mortar!