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Revolutionize your website & your retail stores with the power of automated product listings, virtual inventory & order management.

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What exactly is EXC?

Exchange Collective is a digital supply chain and commerce solution that connects brands to retailers, creating an 'endless aisle' shopping experience for customers wherever they shop, in-store or online. 

For brands

How it works

EXC feeds brand inventory/product data to retailer websites and in-store tablets for an 'endless aisle' experience.

Customers are able to shop thousands of products and place orders on retailer websites or in their brick and mortar stores.

EXC sends the order to the brand/vendor and items are drop shipped direct to the customer. Retailers receive a piece of the sale and keep another customer.

Brands send automatic order progress/status updates through the retailer website, giving customers satisfaction that they are supporting a local business.

Become a modern retailer

Supporting sales for retailers of any size, EXC helps create and sustain a 'conscious commerce' revolution. This empowering movement modernizes evne the smallest of businesses to compete with big box giants. It also aids in building trust, keeping sales within the local economy and it contributes to the hometown community.  

Not just product/order automation - EXC creates Advantage, Confidence, Freedom & Control


Our "digital supply chain" tool gives brands & retailers an ADVANTAGE by connecting them with feeds for product details, real-time inventory, & order management. 


Retailers gain CONFIDENCE to compete and succeed in modern ecommerce waters alongside big box brands, while increasing consumer trust. 


Retailers experince more FREEDOM, opening the door to 24 hour, handsfree sales - allowing them to focus on building their business & customer relationships.


Brands maintain CONTROL of merchandising feeds and expand digital distribution of their product offerings.

Save the sale & capitalize on  showrooming customers

Retail stores continue to struggle or even open back up in these uncertain times. Eventually, consumer confidence will increase and more customers will return to stores. Don’t let them leave empty-handed, just to buy what they want from Amazon. Exchange Collective’s digital supply chain gives your customers more of what they want and saves the sale.

A few of the brands we are partnered with:

Designed by retailers, for retailers

Try Exchange Collective to get the conscious commerce tools you need to upgrade to a modern retailer and become an expanded, full line marketplace for several brands.

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